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Senator Cunningham Helps Restore Recreation Programs at JC Armory

Recreational activities at the Jersey City Armory, which had been suspended, will resume on Nov. 22 thanks to the intervention of state Sen. Sandra Cunningham of Jersey City.

Use of the Armory, which Jersey City leases from the state Department of Military and Veteran Affairs, was slashed from the city’s budget for the fiscal year 2011 because of cost concerns.

“It was a matter of pulling all the parties together and figuring out how to put the kids first,” said Cunningham, who facilitated the meetings between the city and the National Guard.

The city paid the state $165,000 to fund the facility last year, but has made a lower cost agreement of $75,000, which city spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill says will be covered by the state as a reimbursement for money the city spent to renovate portions of the building two years ago.

In addition, the Jersey City Department of Recreation will assist in custodial and staffing concerns at the Armory, which sees over 400 kids playing there daily, Morrill said.

“By working with our state senator, we have been able to develop a plan that will allow the Recreation Department to continue to offer the important recreational programs at the Armory that are so needed in a city the size of Jersey City,” said Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy, who contacted Cunningham for assistance.

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